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Largest tetra?

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I've done some research and it seems a lot of people say Congo tetra are the largest. I've seen some pretty big Congo tetra, but it seems like Buenos Aires tetra get bigger. Are there any tetra out there bigger than the Congo or Buenos Aries? Also are pink tail chalceus considered tetra?

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I'm going to say the giant tigerfish (Hydrocynus goliath).  Here me out on this.  The term "tetra" is not a recognized taxonomic term, so anything could be called "tetra" as a common name.  However, three families in the order Characiformes are often considered to be the families from which "tetras" are derived: the Alestiidae, which includes Congo tetras and tigerfish; the Characidae, which includes neon tetras and piranha (though the latter has been variously split out into a closely related family the Serrasalmidae); and Lebiasinidae, which are things like the pencil fishes.  Of those, I think the goliath tigerfish is the largest.  😁

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