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On the bright side though someone told me to try google Reward Services on here a couple days ago, and that has gave me nothing for like a week, but it led me to other apps like Eureka, and by lying a little and staying up all night I've made $20 in 4 days. Other apps I've tried but they take a little long.

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On 7/17/2021 at 12:10 AM, Demobanana said:

Nah I don't really see all the benefits and I already support Cory via co op site. Honestly I'm not a member of any Youtube channel. usually they have a merchandise shop or a Twitch I can use the money on.

I know there's cool members only stuff but I'm with you. I don't subscribe to any youtube channels or pay for any other social media content. There's tons of helpful aquarium related youtube channels out there and it would take forever to go through all of their free content much less the paid stuff. If I don't find something on one channel there's always another one. I'm not going to pay for the "privilege" of asking questions either for the same reason. The co-op is cool but it's not the only game in town. I can find answers elsewhere if needed. Then there's the fact I've spent on average $50/month this year at the store. If I do that and then get asked to spend even more it just comes across as greedy. And I don't like greedy.

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I got a membership for a month to say "Thank You" to Cory for hosting this community (which in turn saved my now beloved BB puffer), but I have a deep and abiding hatred for Alphabet and all their companies, so unless Cory offers another way to become a member that will ALSO host the members only video's then I will not be doing it again. 

I have never looked at any Alphabet company the same way ever again after working at an AI startup. That is a company humanity would be better without.

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