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Emerged growth not melting?

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Is it normal for emerged growth to give zero craps about being submerged? Ordered a red melon sword from the co-op a month ago, and the emersed growth (at least, judging by shape, texture, etc it appaears to be emersed growth) seems to be 100% content with life in my tank. Has anyone else experienced this before? I'm going to trim those stems off when it gets moved to the new tank, but I found it interesting, as typically that growth immediately starts melting as new leaves grow in.


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Yup. I only buy emerged sword. It transitions without batting an eye. Submerged all melt on my. My theory is emerged are not used to any specific water conditions. So don’t care. Submerged grown have to melt in order to adjust to temp hardness ph etc

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That's so weird. Every plant I've had that started emerged melted completely before shooting off new submerged growth. 

Actually, you can see the skeleton of a leaf that melted from one of my other new swords in the background.

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I have never had more than 1 or two leaves per emerged grown plants melt? I have never had a submerged grown survive. I don’t even root mine in substrate I just Jan them in a decoration and let the roots float inside.

ignore the wisteria it came out of a new tank I set up that had a diatom bloom. The Anubis is in front. I don’t root any plants ever I use suction cups I have dynamite luck. My Anubis all even bloom submerged. 
last is my cardinal plant that I actually just float I think the dark purple looks cool floating. 






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