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Journey of my resurrected Florida fishroom

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Hey fish nerds, I wanted to start a informal journal to chronicle my fish room I think my situation might be interesting enough to follow for any aspiring breeding for profit fishrooms out there, and its always helpful to have other inputs on future decisions I make for the room.

Without writing out a whole autobiography here basically between me and my wife, we have a combined 16 years and counting in the fish industry. I worked in aquarium maintenance and for a fish store here in Tampa. I met my wife at said fish store where she was in charge of the freshwater department for the majority of the time we were there. She now works for a local fish wholesaler. 

So long story short I'm a stay at home dad these days so as of 2 months ago I dusted off my collection of tanks and re set up the fish room in my garage. If I'm going to be home all day I may as well breed some fish for profit! I've already had a deal worked out with the buyer at the local fish wholesaler to buy anything I make (freight costs a fortune these days so wholesalers much like fish stores would rather have local sourced fish)

So since I'm approaching breeding for profit form a different angle than a lot of fishrooms you'll see and because I'm in Florida I can, and plan to, expand into a partial outdoor fishroom I hope this will be interesting enough to follow!


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So one way you'll approach breeding for profit differently when you are selling direct to wholesale is there is now no such thing as a fish that can breed too prolifically when your customer is selling nation wide and even internationally. With that in mind angelfish will be a nice reliable income stream and to that end one of my first investments was 5 Green Avatar Turkey Smokey angels. of the 4 that made it through QT I have yet to get a pair but I'm hopeful for at least one here soon.


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Phase 1 of the fish room is nearing completion! My original rack from my last fishroom built around 7 years ago is 3 tanks away from being filled again. The beast holds 16 20 long tanks and 8 29 gallons. Once it's done I'll get a picture of it assuming I can stand far enough back to get it all in one shot lol 


In the mean time here is another one of my "only makes sense if you are selling whole sale" projects, snow white "parrots" aka short body white convicts 🤣 I am glad I get to play with them though I love their personality. Shown here is momma quickly grabbing her babies to get them away from the big scary phone hovering menacingly along the front glass!


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On 7/18/2021 at 4:17 PM, Over Grown Aquatics said:

I'd like to take a moment to nerd out that this thread was briefly shown on a live stream today. I'll try hard to make it a thread worth following 🤣


That was pretty cool!

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