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Peggy's got fungus...I think...?


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I have a tiny Julii corydora - it's always been smaller than the rest and its fins look different from the others...which is not really an issue.  But, as I was observing the tank this morning, I noticed that there was some oddness.  I took a little video - check out the top of the head (the area between the eyes and the dorsal fin).

Does that look like fungus to you?  If so, should I treat the whole tank?

Do you notice anything else I should be concerned about?  Does the body condition and activity look okay?

As of this moment, I am planning on doing a water change to vacuum the substrate and starting Ich X...I'm also planning on doing more research about diets and adding some frozen foods to the regimen...I'm worried little Peggy isn't getting enough of the right stuff to eat.

I'm not seeing any symptoms in the other fish in the tank - I actually was pretty excited to see what I thought was some friskiness with the other cory cats in the tank.  So, I'm trying to decide if treating the entire tank is the move...or if I should try to isolate Classic Peg.

Water parameters:

  • Temperature - 77 F
  • Ammonia - 0
  • Nitrite - 0
  • Nitrate - 25
  • GH -75
  • KH - 10
  • pH - 6.6
  • Chlorine - 0
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And, of course, now that I've spotted Peg in the tank again, I don't see the white stuff on the back/head anymore. 🤦‍♀️  My paranoia must be at level 900 right now!

Thanks for talking some sense into me, @Colu!  

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