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Oh boy, ******* kids


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So I was wondering why my 2 year old was being so quiet when he's only quiet while sleeping. I found him at my wife's desk where I keep my 10 gallon baby fry/blue velvet tank and he had dumped multiple pieces of notepad papers, separated and dumped multiple sharpies and pens, my wife's cordless mouse and pad. Some of the sharpies were glitter sharpies and let's just say i freaked out. The water is extremely glittery, sharpies and pens are starting to leach. I really hope that I can save the majority of shrimp and fry. I will update tomorrow when I have calmed down and found a home for any and all survivors. 

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Well I was able to save almost all of the shrimp and fish. They are a lot hardier than I thought they were. But they seem to be looking good and back to themselves after having the crap scared out them and poisoned by my 2nd youngest 



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