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Any Praecox Breeders ?

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On accident once. Hahaha. Was doing a tank swap and left a few inches of water in the old tank for like 6 days. Went to finish emptying it and found baby fish in the vacuum bucket. The trick is to remove the eggs or remove the parents. If they are well fed and water is clean, then they are probably spawning already but someone keeps eating the eggs or maybe the filter flow is impeding the fertilization. You could try a spawning mop so you can just move it with the eggs still attached to raise up the fry for a couple months. They are extremely slow growers. Aquarium Coop fry food and very finely crushed flake brought mine up just fine. As long as they are well fed and there's lots of hiding spots they don't seem to predate much on fry. At least mine haven't gone after the cherry barb fry yet. Good Luck!! 

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I have bred them before, and have a group that I am going to be setting up to spawn here soon. Make sure to have males and female, easy to tell by color of anal fins. I put a floating mop made of yarn in th tank with them, feed them heavy and do a nice big 50% water change one evening. Next morning they will spawn at first light. Now, you can either pull the mop or the adults and leave mop in tank. I usually just pull the mop and put into another well seasoned tank that has a bunch of plants, I just throw a bunch of hornwort in. The eggs hatch and the fry will eat the microscopic life off the plants and you can feed with tiny foods, I use golden pearls for first week or so, then they will be able to eat baby brine. 

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