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Hey all,


Happy summer.  I was wondering if anyone had experience with the tetra glofish, a bala, and compatibility with any shrimp.  I would love to have some little squirts around to clean.  There are plenty of places to hide for them if I get them but see conflicting information based on what I have looked up.


Thanks for any help!


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Almost any fish will eat shrimp if it will fit in their mouths, and some will attack and kill shrimp that are too large to eat whole, and then eat them anyway.  However, given plenty of hiding places some are likely to survive.  I put a few cull shrimp in my 65 gallon tank months ago with an angelfish, 11 turquoise rainbowfish, and a bunch of tetras, and much to my surprise I still occasionally see one.

What kind of cleaning are you wanting these shrimp to do?  There may better options.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I Just wanted to have some bottom feeders to keep the gravel from getting to backlogged.  Everything has been in check for a long while now, but I wanted some shrimp for variety in the tank.  The bala was my main concern, but it is pretty peaceable to all other tank mates, though I do realize that could change as it reaches its full size. 

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