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Angels just laid a bunch of eggs… what should I do next?

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You have several options. I find that after 4 or 5 times of laying the eggs the parents can easily get the eggs to wriggler stage if i leave the room lights on (so they can see at night). If you don't want to wait to see if the parents can get the frys along; you can move the object with the eggs into a sep tank (as you suggested) and then put use an air stone to aerate the eggs (to keep fungus from growing). Some people also use a few drops of m. blue. It will take the eggs 3 to 5 days to hatch to get wrigglers and then another few days before the frys are free swimming. Once they are free swimming it will take another 18 or 24 hours for them to consume their egg sack at which time you can feed them bbs (you want the bbs to be a few hours to a day old for optimal nutrient and size). You will need to feed the frys 3 to 5 times a day with bbs for a couple of weeks and then you can ween them onto golden pearl; first bite (hikari, omega-one, ... your favorite brand) or crushed flakes. 


It is critical to keep the fry water crystal clear (use an eye dropper or turkery blaster to remove dead frys and uneaten food and do a daily 20% water change). Once the frys are 4 or 5 days old you should not have any more deaths (I usually have 6 to 10 deaths out of 50 or 80 frys the first couple of days). 


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Angelfish are often absurdly productive, so the first question should be, "Do you want the fry?" They aren't always highly sought after by pet shops and they tend to require significant culling due to genetic defects. I've heard of a few pet shops that charge the breeder to take their angelfish fry, so you don't always make money off of them. It's not hard to flood the local market with angelfish fry. If there are multiple people breeding angelfish in your area, the supply likely exceeds the demand. 

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