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Hi everyone! New to the forum and I just wanted to show everyone my tanks and quickly discuss my future plans in the fish hobby. I mainly do live bearers but I’m quickly expanding to other stuff too. I have a small colony of guppies that i plan on breeding and currently breed a few different types of swordtails. I am also in the process of starting a store located in Lynn Indiana. Be sure to look me up on Instagram and YouTube at Something Fishy Aquatics on YouTube and somethingfishy.aquatics on Instagram!  Thanks everyone!AC4F5684-984B-497A-A70B-D9CA993B5E9F.jpeg.bd0d41fbd11788e07289f96bacbe5c8b.jpegE7804844-9D95-4B28-862E-3D8F4119A3C9.jpeg.3cfda5a2d51a55a61e1530eeb865300a.jpeg3D98770F-EDFA-4BC6-8AE9-5D97AF70D0D1.jpeg.036871f78abf619874aac7d4b271b681.jpegDAA3E6E8-BEEC-4519-A5FF-3B5E243BFDF2.jpeg.045b53d71b5423e01955d9ba9d76ebd8.jpegCD008023-1B72-4FEF-B245-3E91DA764B5E.jpeg.9ed6f3882656b93dc0f69435024d254f.jpegCCA3A2A6-9E7B-49D8-822B-079C33938A75.jpeg.dd6f294d7d19582864d37b7e9c8fb7fb.jpeg


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