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Difference in Pseudomugil Luminatus fry?


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Hello all, 

I've got a batch of pseudomugil luminatus fry that I am currently raising up. I noticed very shortly after they hatched that some of them displayed the shining blue eyes and even a blue sheen to their bodies while others were the a normal dull brown. I have attached pics so you can see them. 


It isn't the way the light is hitting them or anything. I am wondering if it is just the males being more colorful even from birth or what? Anyone have any idea?






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On 7/18/2021 at 4:40 PM, Crabby said:

Hey, @Huck, would you mind describing your breeding setup a little? The group size and tank setup and parameters and everything? I’m very curious and I’d like to have a shot at breeding them. 

No problem, but I am thinking the answer might not be all that helpful!


I had gone to the lfs and bought a trio of 2 females and a male and lost a female, so I moved the pair I had into a small shrimp tank I had to get them fattened up a bit and grown out some more. They seemed like they were not fully grown to me given how small they were. 

I was sure they were too small to be spawning and I never saw them spawning. Then, one day I happened to see some tiny fry in the tank. I moved the adults into my display 20 long and started the fry on infusoria.

The tank has just about neutral ph with pretty soft water. There isn't any nitrate to speak of because it has only a few shrimp and some ramshorn snails. The tank is planted pretty heavily with Christmas moss, anubias, a few small buce, and some water lettuce floating. No idea what the fish chose to spawn in. 

After I removed the adults, I noticed fry kept hatching for several more days. I will probably move over all but a pair when these grow up and give the best looking pair a few weeks to spawn again and repeat the process.

I wish I had more description to give that was helpful. I didn't really do anything aside from keep them separated for a few weeks and feed frozen daphnia.

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Wow that’s incredible! I tried to spawn a pair last year and was told it was impossible. I actually spoke to the manager at my LFS (who’s actually a really knowledgeable fellow) and he said he reckoned you needed a large group of 20-30 to breed them. I was thinking more like a little school of 6, but clearly that’s not even necessary.
Thanks for getting back to me mate! 
I’m guessing they either spawned in the Christmas moss or the water lettuce. From what I know of rainbows at least. 

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On 7/19/2021 at 8:02 PM, T. Payne said:

I can't say that I have ever noticed a difference in coloration in my fry at that size.

Did they shine blue from hatching or did they take time to color up?

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