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Favorite Tank Size

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Alright everyone, open question. What is your favorite tank size and why? I'm really into nano tanks at the moment (5-10 gallons) because I like experimenting with everything you can do in such a small ecosystem. And because they are small, there is a guaranteed interaction between all of the denizens of the tank, which I also enjoy experimenting with.  Who else has a favorite?

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I love my medium tanks (20 to 55) They fit my fish and plants well. I really love my 48 bow front. Its fully planted with large rocks and drift wood. I use this as my "nano" tank. stocked with  about 12 of each type of fish, rummy nose, octos, sterbie cory's, red and orange tetras, lemon tetras, pygmy cory's, amano shrimp. and I am forgetting a few.  The activity with this tank is wonderful to watch. It right next to my couch. Really like by 55 with 2 pairs of koi angels (6 to 8 inches) Breeding weekly and some cory's.  I just like this size tanks.

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