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So how do I treat this

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So this 20L is unplanted ish, heavily planted with sculpted hair algae, water is 72° A 0 Ni 0 NA 0 gh 300+ kh 240, stock is 2 breeding American flag fish, 36 sunset sword tail fry and snails (mts,rams,pond) with a couple of shrimp mixed in, my question is, what can I treat with so I can at least see them without putting any chemicals in there because I'd like to avoid any possible contamination of their diet, pics are before and after green, Amazon sword has since been moved



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On 7/13/2021 at 5:04 AM, Colu said:

You could get a UV or turn your lights of and black out the tank for a 3-4 days to get on top of it

Funny thing is that green picture is after 4days of complete back out, and a 8w uv had lil effect during the 4 days as well, that's kind of the reason I'm on here asking nothing seems to work atm, and because my flag fish are breeding I don't want to contaminate their food chain since they're primarily algae eaters, but I would also like to see my fish lol 

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UV steriliser brake the DNA chain in  free floating algae stoping it from reproducing  it doesn't get rid.of if you increase water change coupled.with the uv you should start to see an improvement in a couple of days

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