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Standard or Non-Standard Tank Size

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I have a 55 gallon tank. Top Fin brand from Petsmart. The top plastic frame has a cross brace, front to back,  in the middle of the long sides. So, the hoods are actually two smaller hoods rather than a single hood that would cover the entire tank.

It was my understanding (or maybe I made it up) that the two hoods are essentially the hoods for two 20 gallon tanks.

I recently purchased a Fluval Plant light and two hinged glass canopies from Amazon. The canopies are from H2Pro. I had never heard of them before; but, that's what Amazon had.

The canopies are a tad too big for the recesses in the frame. They were advertised as "Fits Most 24" Aquariums". The exact width from the box is 23.07". The actual recess in the frame is 23" exactly. The supplied hoods measure 22-15/16" (22.9375").

So, I looked at PetSmart.com. Their "24 in" canopies are 23.19". Still slightly too big.

Has anyone else ever run into this problem? Am I missing something?

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All the aquarium manufacturers are slightly different for the dimensions of the top frames on their tanks which also means that the hoods/ canopies are slightly different as well. My suggestion is to just get some of the twin wall polycarbonate panel and cut a piece to exactly fit what you need. Or, if you want glass, have a local hardware store or glass shop cut the size pieces you need. 

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