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Neon Tetra help


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Hi hope this is the right place for this, as I'm hopeful it's not disease related! But is fish health related if not disease. 

I have just added 8 neon tetras to my tank almost a week ago, so far they all seem to be doing alright. They aren't shy, swimming about, great colour on them etc. 

One thing I notice about them though is that all of them have bulging bellies to one extent or another after feeding them, is this a bad sign? Illness? Feeding too much? I'm pretty sure it subsides over time as I never notice it unless I just fed them (though keep forgetting to have a closer look before I feed).

If it's the most obvious issue, that I'm feeding too much, how do I feed them less when it's a community tank? My Endlers don't seem as voracious and my corydoras just graze all day so I want to make sure everyone eats as much as they need. It's still all eaten pretty quickly (except maybe the cories sinking pellets which take a little while to soften and then get eaten, or when I feed repashy all the inhabitants finish it off over a longer period).

I won't answer all the usual water parameter stuff as don't think it's relevant in this case but I can test the water tomorrow and post it all if anyone thinks it is! 

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Its more than likely bulging due to over feeding or a couple of them are getting most of the food I don't think it's anything to worry about just slightly reduced the amount your feeding   

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