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Orlando Fishy Sites?

CHC Chris

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Depends on what you want to see, nature, or commercial aquariums for commercial in Orlando there is:

SEA LIFE Orlando


or diverse Tours to the Crystal River to swim with the manatees and snorkel to see fish, kayak, or use a glass bottom boat. Of course you can always snorkel the Crystal River by yourself but it helps to have a guide, boat, and the knowledge of where you might encounter the least amount of gators, or these days Burmese pythons.


if you aren't afraid to drive a bit as you say then there is the Florida Aquarium in Tampa Bay


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If you don't mind the drive, check in to a visit at Imperial Tropicals in Lakeland. They are local fish breeders & sellers & are in the process of building a fish store on their premises. They are located just off I-4, in a bit of  classic Old Florida, down dirt roads into the woods. But the folks are super nice. And the fish are AMAZING. 


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