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Me, myself, and my four tanks

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I've been in the hobby for around 6 years at this point. More recently gotten into the community planted tanks when I found aquarium co-op. I now have a 75G that currently has a ton of red wag platys in it. Then there is my 29G that has more red wag platys, dalmatian mollies, and aenues cory's. My first 10G has ember tetras, two honey gouramis, and a otocinclus. My second 10G which is my quarantine tank currently has some von rio tetras which I am absolutely in love over and two otocinclus. All the plants I currently have are as follows- a ton of water wisteria, a range of anubias, two types of java fern, vallisneria, two types of swords, Lily bulb, crypts and scarlet temple that I am completely failing at! I hope to continue the hobby and support the forum, I have gotten completely crazy about this hobby since finding all you helpful people and watching a wide range of the co-ops employees videos. I almost didn't post because I've been trying to balance the tanks and get rid of the staghorn algae but I'm getting very close! Thank you to all that read and look at my post.













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