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TITLE: Tubbin' Time - NERM Week 2021

Hello Fellow Nerms! Today marks the first day of NERM Week 2021!!! Meaning that submissions for our photo contests are live! For more information on how to post your submission as well as vote for other submissions visit here.


You must submit your submission for each contest by Wednesday at Noon participants local time. If you post your submission after this your submission is invalid and you will be private messaged. You can only have one submission per contest, if you have multiple the submission with the most reactions will be invalid. 

Wednesday at Noon participants local time is when voting will start. To vote simply react to the submission you want to win. You can react to as many submissions that you want!

Saturday at Noon participants local time is when voting ends and the results will be announced.

Tubbin' Time | 2021  NERM Week Fish Photo Comps!

This is the best tank in terms of appearance AND function. The submitted tank must have had aquatic life bred in it at one point in time. Your post must contain one full tank shot, and up to 3 other shots

Best Breeding Setup Rules and Guidelines:

Most importantly stay within the guidelines of the forum.

The tank must be your own.

The tank must be a suitable environment for your animals.

The container must be outdoors

Invalid Posts:

If your post does not comply with our rules/ guidelines you will be private messaged for the post to be fixed. If the post has not been fixed by Wednesday at noon, your post becomes invalid. Any members post thats does not comply with our rules/guidelines will receive a private message.


Good Luck!!! 

If you have any questions please private message either @James Black or @FlyingFishKeeper. If you do not know how to private message someone click here

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Summer Tub

Not very pretty but we have bent pvc to support the fish net and tarp. Fish net so no bears and such get in we are in the Adirondacks. Tarp for warmth with the cold and hot days we have. Styrofoam holding pothos. Then some water hyacinth and water lettuce. We have some white clouds and giant longfin danios in there and a shrimp. First year summer tubbing so go easy!20210712_130913.jpg.ec6d2b29d29a68367a0eae54057b9de0.jpg 

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I am going to share my tub here even though it was destroyed by an animal (probably a raccoon trying to eat the fish) last Friday just as all the plants were peaking.  The tub is a Tuff Stuff 40 gal stock tank that I started in early May with a heater as my first tub.  I have always wanted a pond but live in a townhouse so this tub is perfect.  The tub’s function is to bring the water element to the backyard featuring the plants and fish.  The plants are the only filtration and there is no air to allow for a much cooler temperature at the bottom of the tub under the cover of the plants.  The plants get full sun in the morning with afternoon shade.  The fish are a breeding colony of guppies at a relatively low stocking level.


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Posted (edited)

The results are in, drum roll please! The winner is @Daniel with 19 votes! Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who participated, this has been really fun for me, and I hope everyone had a great time as well. Expect a message from @James Black for a printable certificate! Thanks everyone!

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