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water change for new planted tank?

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I set up this 10 gallon tank a week ago, I used potting soil under the gravel. My nitrates and nitrites are really high because of the soil and the duckweed has been doing really good. I do want to add shrimp when I get everything right and the plants are have taken hold. My question is should I do a water change now to get the nitrates down or just wait it out and let the plants take care of it?


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No livestock in the tank atm, I am just trying to get the plants established. I am using fertilizer and a few days after putting in the first dose there was some algae building up on the glass and other stuff. I cleaned it out that day and reduced my light from 10 hours to 8 hours and the algae I didn't get seams to be going away. I am wondering if I should break up the Monte Carlo to help it spread around the tank?

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