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A tip for co-op fans on a budget!

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With the new co-op club being a member came so much more worth it! But not everybody can afford $5 every month. Which is why i wanted to share this trick to get the membership for semi-free.

Its called "google rewards surveys" you simply answer a few surveys every day, each takes 5 seconds at most. They then reward you with google rewards. I have $3.50 in rewards in under a week of doing this. You can then use your rewards for your youtube memberships.


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I'm not against the money per se as I'm sure the value is there. The only issue I have is that at the moment I have tons of little subs going out each month. It's like $5 for this $10 for that etc. I play World of Warcraft so there's $15 if I don't buy 6 months at a time which I normally do. I just feel like I have lots of little micro transactions every month and it's easy for those to get out of hand if I don't watch them. Plus I'm an old stubborn sort who sort of resents the fact that content that was once paid for with ad money is now behind a pay wall. Nothing against the co-op or Cory as that is the way of the world these days. It doesn't mean I have to like it though.

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