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Fin Rot on Red Eye Red Tail Puffer, please help!


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Wednesday I got a group of Red Eye Red Tail puffers from an online store. Two of them came with a white tip on the tail. I assumed it was fin rot and started treatment with Maracyn the same day. It doesn’t seem like the treatment is working. one of the puffers tails is about 30% white the other the white has worked it’s way to the tail body. I see it now on a 3rd puffer. Should I remove the infected puffers from the tank. Are there other meds I should use? Please help ! 

37 gal planted tank with co2 (fully cycled)

ammonium 0

nitrite 0

nitrate 20-30

ph around 7.4


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Hi! I'm not an expert on fish desease but I've got an irredescent shark to take care for. And, it looked like what it had was finrot or amonia burns. Either way I used myradel(maracyn?), Paracleanse and the Ich X. Basically the meds trio from the Aquarium Co-Op. Now I'm using salt also to treat for cloudy eye. But, for that last one I don't knowif salt helps with cloudy eye. Anyhow it took for like three full weeks for the irredescent shark to cure from the amonia burns (or finrot?)... I suggest putting your fish into a qt tank and use Medtrio...

Bests regards!

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