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how to breed geophagus tapajos

mvh pets

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On 7/11/2021 at 10:45 AM, mvh pets said:

hi, i recently got 6 red head geo's for my 240 gallon aquarium. they are currently 2-4 inches. any idea when and how i can breed them?


Awesome species they look great.

Klaus Steinhaus wrote about raising and breeding Geophagus sp ‘Tapajós red head in the Cichlid Room Companion in 2010 link below.

Based on the reading it sounds like they can pair off and start to produce wriggler fry around 3" so you might be there already if you have noticed pairs forming. I would try a few flat rocks in the corners, wood, plants in something like the COOP easy planter or a rock pile (to break up sight lines and avoid being uprooted), and feeding good quality foods with frozen foods rotated in for conditioning. They may eat fry for the first few batches especially if they get nervous.

Good luck.


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