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Employee of the Month: Dalmatian Mollies


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When setting up my new tank I put in a bunch of plants, filter media, wood and gravel from my established betta set ups to help season the tank. My bettas won't share space with snails or shrimp, so all the wood was covered in slimy brown algae.

My new fish are all species that will eat some algae but for sure the hardest workers have been the two dalmatian mollies. After they cleaned off the first pieces of wood I had put in, I added a bigger branch that was so covered in crud it looked like zombie flesh. Less than a day later it is almost entirely clean and every time I've watched the tank, the mollies have been the ones going at it--they just don't quit.

I've never kept mollies before and impulse bought them when I was having zero luck finding the platies I wanted. Now I'm thinking they deserve a raise 😉




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