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White Cloud Mountain Minnows and Hoplo Catfish


White Cloud Mountain Minnows with Hoplo Catfish  

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  1. 1. Can you keep White Cloud Mountain Minnows with Hoplo Catfish

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My hoplos are not aggressive towards any of the other fish, but I don't have anything as small as White Clouds. The hoplos do their thing and pretty much ignore my other fish.

There are two kinds of hoplos that I know of. Spotted hoplos (mine are albinos) are also called marbled hoplos, They get up to 5 inches long,

Brown hoplos get bigger - up to 8-10 inches long. 

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I have a group marbled hoplos in with cardinals, drapefin barbs and pencil fish. The hoplos never show any mind to the other fish and stay mostly interested in one another or rooting around in the sand. 

I think they would be fine with white clouds overall as long as you didn't get tiny ones to start with. Any tiny fish is taking a chance with larger catfish in the tank. 

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