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Coop auto feeder outdoor hack


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Howdy Nerms, 

I hacked my coop fish feeder for outside duty on my 150 gallon rubber made tub. 

Disclaimer - the coop fish feeder is designed for indoor use only. I imagine It’s design and construction was not meant for outside elements but humidity from a tank was considered so I took a chance.

I am in New England (Mass to more clear) and our tub season no heater is four months tops.  I have guppies and rice fish and dream of lots of fry.  Well I am going away for 10 days and I needed them fed several times a day to keep them happy hence the feeder.  So I needed a feeder enclosure.  I didn’t want to build a wood barn for the feeder because heck that would be so much work and I would have needed to start that a month ago and that would have cut in to my staring at fish time.

I will skip the rest of the narrative - recycle bin found a one liter seltzer bottle cut a “t” slot in as long as feeder.  The top of the t at bottom of the bottle.  The t shape allows barrel food slot to dispense all the food.  I inserted the feeder in the bootle.  I used a one litter Poland springs seltzer bottle.  Snug but no touching the sides of feeder.  You slide  the feeder back and the bracket can lock it in to place.  You may have to make this part work for you, this could be trial and error.  The bracket will stick out to attach to rail you have.  As you can see in my night photos sorry.  Totally see through and rain hits it and rolls off.  I let you know how it does.




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