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Dominant Male Praecox?

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I've had 6 Praecox (Dwarf Neon) Rainbows for quite a while now.  Ended up with all males.  Have this guy that is quite a bit larger than the others and always has a pronounced horizontal stripe.  I assume this is just the dominant male (as opposed to a different species or hybrid), but this is my first time keeping them and I've never seen one quite so large or with that dark stripe.  Looking at picking up some females and trying to spawn, so I wanted to make sure. Thanks in advance.


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It has always been my experience that the presence of a horizontal stripe usually signifies a hybrid. I have raised these guys for awhile now and never had any with horizontal stripes, and I've got some pretty big boys. 

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On 7/10/2021 at 12:10 PM, Eric W-Farmhouse Fish Room said:

I feel like have seen stripes in other varieties before, but not in these.  I would not think it was ALWAYS indicative of a hybrid.  Regardless, all of my others are the iridescent blue that is typical.

Where's @Bob when you need him?  His videos are what got me into rainbows to start with.

Sorry, missed this notification. As others have said. Looks like a hybrid, most likely with Goyder River Rainbow as they are commonly kept together since they are both on the smaller side. 

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