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How much heat can plants take?

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There will be less dissolved gasses in the water at that temperature. If you are considering going that warm, it may be necessary to add CO2. One option could be floating plants and let the plants take the oxygen from the air instead of water. Avoid buces, they do not like it that warm. Anacharis (Elodia densa) may be an option, or a species that is legal for you (they are invasive and prohibited in many areas), as it is a plant that is thriving for me in my betta tank at 82F, with some anubias nana petite (Anubias barteri var. nana 'Petite').

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I have no discus experience, but my amazon swords do great at 80F in my 10g grow out tank. I do add Seachem flourish about every 2 weeks though. It isn’t an amazon plant, but java moss and watere wisteria are other good options.

Also, what kind of light do you have? What size tank? This can help me make more recommendations. 

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Check out this post from aquariumgenius.com. A few side notes:

Only bury roots on java fern, not the rhizomes. The rhizome will rot and kill the plant. Trust me, I’ve sadly learned first hand. 😢 

Crypts are good, and @Cory knows this by heart:


Meme posted by @Horrorshow_Georgia in the Aquarium memes thread.


For most of these, I would back down the aquarium temp to 82F. Aqueon says that a good temperature for discus is 82F-86F.  

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On 7/9/2021 at 10:57 AM, SteveKing88 said:

In the tank I started a few weeks ago I have several south american plants. I'm planning on adding discus in a couple of weeks. 

Discus keepers generally recommend temperatures around 86 F. That's higher than the recommended range for most plants.

How high can the temperature get before the plants start to suffer?




I got this from @Acara Mom

I have a 100 gal high tech discus tank. I have some of these. They do great. Most of my other plants did not thrive until I added CO2 at 2 bps. I use easy green and root tabs with the fluval 3.

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On 7/9/2021 at 6:35 PM, Guppy Guy said:

Great idea! Does Gorilla Super glue gel work? I couldn’t find the original super glue gel near me.

That’s exactly what I used.   The glue turn white when it hits the water …not clear. So if your using sand as a substrate I would sprinkle some of that on the joint before it dries completely and it helps you hide the glue. It doesn’t bother me at all if I see I just love that the plants are doing great. 

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