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Is this fungal or bacterial? I just want to make sure exactly what is needed here.

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I have a picture I have added to show the angelfish in my 110gallon. This tank is planted and they've been growing in here the last month. Their fins have never been perfect but I do frequent water changes so I wanted to see if that would help. 

I have Primafix and Melafix. I just want to know what this is exactly. To me it is fin rot bacterial, but I am here for another opinion!


Any luck using salt with live plants instead of Meds? I know Cory swears by salt but I don't want to dehydrate my plants!


Thanks Nerms 🙂


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Salt the level need to treat fin rot would harm your plants what I would do is keep up with water changes and monitor for now your angelfishs fins don't look that bad if there they start to deteriorate then I would treat with melafix and pimafix together if you have a side view picture to get a better look at his fin 

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