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I am a little grossed out. I have never seen these in my tanks before. Saw several while rearranging some plants and doing a water change. Hopefully some of you wiser Nerms can help me out.

P.S. Sorry for back ground noise. Was watching a movie and doing water change.


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On 7/8/2021 at 6:24 PM, ErinV said:

Do they affect humans?

I will have to disagree with everybody else.....Yes they do affect humans.....In some humans exposed to them ....they give them the  heebee givvees😖....In some humans they give the feeling of horror😱....while in others they look at them and the inner demon in them comes out and they wait/wish for their demise from predation. 😈 

So in a nutshell....yes they affect humans...how they do it is up to the individual😉

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