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New to C.A.R.E and rather new to hobby

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Father and son freshwater hobbyist's from Canada. Started January 2020, have grown from one 10g tank to now three 10g's, one 40gb, and one 55g.

Have bred A.Cacatuoides, Danio rerio, and now Guppies/Endlers!

A very rewarding hobby, and a testy one at that lol. But the enjoyment is worth the occasional failure, and the abundant info out there now makes it that much more enjoyable. One has to sift  through it though, as many aspects of this freshwater hobby seem to come down to personal opinion or region where the hobbyist lives. Or worse just plain old bad info.

Will add some pics soon, hope to share some Guppy breeding and other projects we have with the community if interested.


Have a good 1


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