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55 Gallon Upper Center Brace Broke While Filling Tank

Zach P.

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Purchased a 55 gallon tank on Craigslist from a local couple. Gave the trim a fresh black paint job and painted the background black. Had everything looking tip top magoo. Put my substrate in and began filling the tank with water. When the tank was just about full the top center brace snapped in two! The front and back panels immediately bowed out and luckily by the grace of God held and did not give out. I luckily was standing near by and grabbed the front and back panels. Once I knew I could release them I ran and reversed the flow of my Python and immediately drained the tank. Crisis averted! Now, it would appear to me that I should scrap this tank and move on from it. It sure scared the crap out of me. What would be the wise move here? Is it repairable? 

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