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Crypt curling leaf yellow spots

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Hi, I’m growing some plants in a somewhat “amateur” emersed set up from extra stem trimmings, plantlets, etc.  They are all doing real well and this crypt was doing so great.  I am pretty proud I got it to grow as it was close to D.O.A from an online order.


Anyway, the new leaves that are growing have some yellow spots and one leaf is starting to curl.  I plan to move it to a new aquarium I am building but am concerned with this and was wondering if anyone has an tips on what I should do, if anything.  I realize it’s sort of growing out of tub so I’m not sure if it’s an issue with either nutrient deficiencies or space for it to grow.  I mist them regularly with conditioned water and every other day mist them with an Easy Green diluted mix.  I also have a couple of Easy Root Tabs in the tub under the root feeders.  Also use Flourite as substrate with lights running on a 12 hour schedule on and off.  2 hours at night with the blue light.  Also, they are always covered with Sarah wrap to hold in humidity.image.jpg.8e415f8f98da795b69d8682bceba0528.jpgimage.jpg.12fabdc9c38ed19a7964cb6f29a795a7.jpg


any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance.  



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I’m seeing similar changes with a few crypt pots I am waiting to plant. I was thinking a early iron or magnesium deficiency after some internet searches, but that’s one novice to another. I’d love to hear other opinions.

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@JakeHHi!  Thank you for reading my post.  It’s interesting you’re having this issue too.  I did some searches myself and came up with the same info and would love to figure this one out.  The smaller leaf actually grew before the one curling so it definitely has some stunted growth too.  

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Hi All,

Typically when the new leaves have scalloped leaf margins, leaf tips that 'hook downward', or leaves that don't unfurl and have a 'gelatinous' look it is a symptom of insufficient available calcium. 

Based upon some interveinal chlorosis of the newer leaves in the bottom photo insufficient and/is being dosor incorrect iron is being dosed as well.  Hope this helps! -Roy


Necrosis occurs at tip and margin of leaves causing a definite hook at leaf tip.
Calcium is essential for the growth of shoot and root tips (meristems). Growing point dies. Margins of young leaves are scalloped and abnormally green and, due to inhibition of cell wall formation, the leaf tips may be "gelatinous" and stuck together inhibiting leaf unfolding. Stem structure is weak and peduncle collapse or shoot topple may occur. Roots are stunted. Premature shedding of fruit and buds is common. Downward curl of leaf tips (hooking) occurs near terminal bud. ammonium or magnesium excess may induce a calcium deficiency in plants... calcium deficiency


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Hi Roy, thank you so much for your help! This is great information.  Do you happen to know a brand of calcium you can recommend?   I have Easy Iron I will add to the dosing regimen,  Thank you again, I appreciate all of your help!  Hope you’re having a good day.  Lauren

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