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Finally Finished A Cycle Woohoo!!

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Just a celebration!!!! We were getting so frustrated with our 10 Gallon Tall Corner tank, we got the ammonia down, but seemed like forever and our nitrites would not drop for anything!! We did a few 25% changes to help the fish, and then out of frustration of no changes, we decided to just leave everything alone. Dosed with prime every 48 hours as needed after testing. Then one morning we did a test and the nitrites were pure blue as they should be, and nitrates were 5ppm. That was on June 28. We added more fish and they are all doing well. 1 day after adding a few new fish, all of sudden we see babies.  LOL  And now the obsession has begun! We are now in the process of getting a new 36 gallon tank set up. We are going all out, currently building our own hardscape and using all live plants in that one. It's been a process but will be so worth it. Our rock scape is really coming together. Will be doing a more fishless type cycle with established tank items. And will be basing our fish decisions around the finished scape.  Have a few ideas for a cool community tank. 

We currently have 3 platies (1 male, 2 female) , 5 mollies (1 male, 2 females)  (2 are tiny babies) , albino bristlenose pleco, and 3 blue velvet shrimp ( I think, we had 9, but we only ever see 3 around the tank, others may not have made it).  **The fish are still on the smaller end, so they are all doing well in the current home, Also have a java fern attached to driftwood that is sprouting from leaves like crazy, an amazon sword that has become fuller looking, scarlett temple and a little frogbit on the top as well. 

The mollies and the pleco will get moved to the 36 gallon once it's ready. That one will go a bit faster as we now have some established tank items to use. Our local fish store will also be giving us some items for filter to help get a cycle building quicker. 

YAY For Victories!! 

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