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Buy two get one free plants -couldn’t resist!

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A reef store in the area just set up a beautiful new freshwater section and I stopped by to take a look. I got lucky! They’re having  a buy two get one sale. I’m so weak! 
I bought Crypt Hudori, Crypt Balansae, Amazon Sword, Micron Sword and Salvinia. I was “forced” to order another light for the micro sword, who knew it was a med-high light plant? 😉









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On 7/6/2021 at 6:26 PM, Patrick_G said:

It was beautiful, but ouch, it’s not cheap! 

Is that 9.99 for a small piece?  

That does seem high, I haven't even looked at the  Petco/smarts to see if they have any decent wood.

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