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Hi from South Florida!


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I’m a retiree in Southwest Florida and recently got back into the fish hobby after a long break. I kept multiple fresh and saltwater tanks in my parent’s basement in the 1970s and 80s. The hobby has changed a bit since then 🙂 and I’m doing my best to catch up! I asked my husband for an aquarium this past Christmas and now have 2 - a 29-gal freshwater community and a 5-gal betta tank. I also have a dog and an amazing 38-year old cockatoo. I am so happy I found Aquarium Co-Op, the videos and chats have been very helpful.




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What I love about my tanks is that with both the live plants and the fish growing (especially my clown loaches!) it seems like the scene is always changing. The plants grow, I trim them, they reproduce and replant the new growth and it’s always a new look. I really like having one side with more hiding places for my fish and the other side with lighter plantings. 

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