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Don't Miss the Live Presentation on Breeding Bettas with Gianne Souza


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Hey Everyone!

I am excited for us to kick off the Aquarium Co-Op Club with our first guest speaker, Gianne Souza. For those of you not familiar with Gianne, she is a certified judge for the International Betta Congress, former president of the California Betta Society, and has been line-breeding Betta splendens for many years, as well as keeping and caring for wild Betta species.  

The event will be live for members of the Aquarium Co-Op YouTube channel, and will also be available as a playback video (also for members only). 

If you would like to learn how to become a member so that you may view this talk as well as others in the coming months, click here: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/pages/membership

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I've never owned a Betta. And I've never really wanted to, but I think I'm ready to try something new. What would be a great first Betta? And no offense to my sweet guppies, but I'd really like something with a little bit of personality!

I have very hard water here in central Florida. I don't use heaters, so my tanks stay 72-76* year-round, with the a/c running.

Thank you,


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  • What do you use to encourage bubble nest building, i.e. bottoms from Styrofoam cups?
  • What do feed newly hatched betta fry?
  • What sort of water change system do you use?
  • Any concerns about cool air passing over the surface of the aquarium during labyrinth organ development
  • At what age do you separate males?
  • How many males do you keep at any one time?
  • What do you consider the best floating plants for a betta aquarium
  • Where can true IBC show quality bettas be purchased?
  • What would your dream betta look like?
  • What is your favorite betta you have every owned?
  • How old is too old for a female betta to breed?
  • How do you select the bettas you will raise and what do you do with the others?
  • Are there any exciting developments in new betta strains?
  • What is the most expensive betta you have purchased?
  • Who do you look up to and follow with regards to bettas?
  • How much time commitment per week is required from you to maintain your operation?
  • How are you able to schedule a vacation?
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On 7/6/2021 at 5:10 PM, ARMYVET said:

All other questions aside….what we all really want to know is …WHATS YOUR FAVORITE TACO?

Also, is a taco with a soft shell a taco or a burrito? 


For more on topic questions:

What is the ideal temperature range for bettas?

What is the minimum tank size for long term betta keeping in your opinion? 

Do you think bettas go well in community questions? If so, what do you think are good tank mates? 

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Greeting Gianne and Aquarium Co-op team from South Carolina! 
I would like to know more about bettas and tail biting. My beautiful boy used to start chasing his tail and eventually looked like a preschool child who took scissors to their own head. He really mutilated himself. I kept the water clean, made sure there was nothing with rough edges, interacted with him for exercise. It just seems futile because as soon as I’m not in front of him, he’s at it. It starts to regrow but he just can’t seem to leave it alone. I’m curious how common this is and is there anything else I can try in the future? Thank you so much! 

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I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from an expert. I have one question, which is the only one I personally feel is important: Why are commercially available Betta foods (pellets) so large, and is the size of these pellets an issue? I do not feed them anymore myself, because I find them too hard and too large. I feed easily crushed Hikari Micro pellets (in addition to frozen or live), my reasoning being, that if it is easily crushed, it is easily digested. Do you, Ms Souza, feel that commercially produced/offered Betta pellets are of inadequate quality, and possibly dangerous?

Thank you so much for considering my question!

Very kind regards, 

Rebecca Swartz

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Thank you so much for agreeing to present!!!

Any recommendations on best mouth breeders for cooler environments/ community tanks?

After raising Crowntails for quite some time, I am ready to try a different species and move away from some of the inbreeding issues beginning to plague b. splendens.


Thank you again! (Thank you Zenzo for setting this up, and Cory for bringing us CARE)

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First off welcome to all the new guests on this thread, it would be awesome if all these guests became members of the forum and joined this amazing community!

Now questions for Gianne:

  1. With all the speculation of what tank size is suitable for a betta, I'm wanting to know your opinion on this? 5 gallons minimum? 
  2. Where are your reccemendations to buy healthy, pretty bettas from? With you being a betta breeder do you sell your bettas online?
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I just checked out Gianne's YouTube channel - hoorayyyyy high school level science teachers (I am a Physical Science teacher in 9th grade in SC!)

How do you juggle school and breeding bettas/being an aquarist?  Is it easy or tough??  Do you find that you do less breeding during the school year?  Or, is it a stress reliever that you lean on to unwind?

Have you ever used bettas in the classroom to help teach a concept?

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