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Free aquariums for people on budget

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If bored drive behind Petco or PetSmart I found this 125 perfect condition missing lights by dumpster last night. No scratches or chips but there always tossing aquariums out. 
they can’t take them it’s against company policy and they be fired guy told me. And insurance will pay them for it. My wife doesn’t like me spending money on them but free she’s happy so if on budget check any big name brand pet store after they close. 


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No leaks lights missing and 1 lids cracked so they used insurance on it. I feeled it up last night let sit till this mourning and seems perfect no chips imperfections.image.jpg.e755e98b15a601d65a0b187228a595ac.jpg

I was looking for broke aquarium actually I want make plywood tank looking 1/2 glass. 

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