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Pls advise! Brought 8 super red bristlenose

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I tried aquabid for first time lfs tired sick fish I figured getting direct be better and boy I’m happy. 
so I’ve had them 15 gal fluval water Parma perfect. From I think name sdaquatica 8 super reds 2 inch long, 30 cherry shrimp, 20 zebera snails. 
so they been in quarantine 2 weeks there very active healthy. Do I really need to trio these or can I just watch them 2 months? Idk how shrimp and 1.5 to 2 inch bristlenose would handle treatment.


but there vigorous that’s also another question, they eat ALOT I mean WOW I’ve been feeding them zucchini and French cut green beans and the eat 24/7 till there’s nothing left usually 2 days worth. 
and then I don’t feed them for 2 days because I don’t want them to explode!!

so can anyone help me out and tell me how much to feed these guys? And how you would handle quarantine? I have wood for them in there also I read they eat that also idk. 


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I feed one hikari large algae wafers per.fish or 5 bug bite pleco formula pellets each 3 times a week I feed cucumber blanched spinach or lettuce and frozen foods  once a week I feed rapashy super green and soilent green the lignin inwood helps with there digestion it's important to have some wood in there tank when keeping ancistrus if you get there diet right they will be breeding like rabbits in no time just counted my fry to day and I have 110 he's some of my fry going mad for rapsashy super green



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I feed the adults once a day in the evening I feed the fry twice a day  it a mature planted tank so they have plenty of micro flora and funa for them to gaze on though out the day

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