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Ammonia burns on ranchus


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I brought 8 ranchus 3 months ago my guess was 3 or 4 had ammonia burns. I was going skip quarantine just put them in 75 gallon since that’s the only thing in the tank. 1 set on bottom died. After few days with perfect water parameters 0 nitrate nitrites ammonia heavily planted.

So another started sit on bottom moved to 15 gallon fluval salted they perked up. Then did the trio treatment 7 days 2 sit bottom and died I’m thinking ammonia burns and meds bad combo. But every time misted like treat them with trio.

Sooo after 7 day quarantine one more started sit and died. So I just added them to 55 gallon had empty heavily planted and last one I have with red gills swiming very active and doing better. Black back ground is month old other is today think it’s ok paracleanse? I was told 3 weeks after trio dose paracleanse and it’s time. 

Only problems sitting on bottom and red gills that I had and of course dieing lost 4 out of 8. I’m 44 been keeping fish off and own my entire life never had ammonia burns problem to simple keep perfect water parameters there always perfect I use stick but check them against solutions.




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