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Treating Fungus Issue Vacation

Danny LeVeck

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One of my corys has a fungus issue that they've had before.  I treat it with Tetra Fungus Guard and it always works.  However, I just noticed it last night (Monday) and am leaving for vacation on Friday.  Typically I do two treatments.  I put in the three tablets (29 gallon tank), then do a water change two days later.  I then start the second treatment and do a water change two days after that.  I can do the one treatment and then water change on Thursday.  My question is if I do the second treatment and leave it till I come back would the fish be okay?  I have someone that will feed them, but I don't know if I can ask them to treat and do a water change.  Anyone have an idea or think the fish would be okay with the treatment remaining in the water till I get back.  I'll be gone 9 days.

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