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Accidental Breeding (I think)


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I caught my Corydoras sterbai doing what I believe was mating this afternoon. I found what I think are 3 eggs on my aquarium glass. I'm assuming there may be or were more, but my tank is heavily planted with quite a few other fish that may be munching on them. I've pulled them into a breeder box in the display tank. Do these look like fertile cory eggs?


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@ChemBob I will sometimes see some that turn an opaque white and are kind of puffy to very slightly fuzzy looking.  Those are bad.  The good ones are smooth and slightly translucent looking but will also look like they have *something* inside them but I’ve never magnified them enough to see tiny fishy eyeballs.  It usually takes 2-3 days for them to hatch depending on your water temp (warmer is faster).  I don’t usually see babies until they are at least a couple weeks old.  When they were hatching in a small, freshly planted tank with no other fish (hitchhiked in on plants transferred from the plant/cory holding tank), I noticed them sooner, between 5-8 days after hatching.  Current tank arrangement means 2-3 weeks old before I spot them.

The spot where the eggs were laid will look almost the same if a fish eats them or they hatch.  There will be traces of *shell* left where they were laid.  These wipe away pretty easily.  These spots will be variably visible depending on light and viewing angle.  I can’t visibly tell the difference if they hatched or were eaten.

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I hope below photos somewhat helps you.


This is the first day of the eggs, it is not possible to undestand if they are viable at this stage they all look the same(to me)20210706_103028.jpg.df02f4d7926752e8e6468f9b30e558c2.jpg



This is the 3rd  day of the eggs you can see the embriyos, if it is full white and you can't see what's inside it means it is not viable



And this one is right before they hatch. My panda cory eggs takes roughly 4 to 5 days to hatch


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