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C.A.R.E. Anniversary Taco Eating Contest Sign Up!

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In the spirit of our nearly universal love for tacos, and friendly competition, welcome to the opening sign ups for the first annual Taco Eating Contest.

If you wish to enter simply include in a post below "I am in it to win it!" and your official entry into the contest will be noted. This thread is for sign ups and pre-contest discussion. The rules and guidelines for the contest are below.

- Because they are wide spread Taco Bell crunchy tacos will be the "standard" for acceptable tacos allowed. Other options and home mades will be allowed but they must be very similar in size and composition to be counted. Soft tacos will be accepted but in the event of a tie or discrepancy preference will be given to the crunchy taco eater.

- I will create an official entry thread where at minimum a before and after photo must be posted showing pre-consumption and one showing the aftermath. This is an on your honor contest that lives on the integrity of the forum members and the before and after photo will generally be accepted. If something seems off about your entry more "proof" may be requested which may include more photos. The only guaranteed proof is a full video which you can record if you wish and provide if needed but it should not be necessary.

- The goal is to eat the most tacos in one sitting. A sitting will be defined as a maximum of 1 hour.

- The entry thread will be created at the beginning of NERM week (July 12th) with final submissions being accepted on July 16th and the winner will be crowned on the 17th.

- I may amend rules as the contest nears and in the event of any gray areas I will make the required decisions or lean on the moderators for guidance.

And what would a contest be without a prize!


The crowned winner will be mailed at no expense a one of a kind taco champ trophy 3D printed in Coop green! I quickly made this in CAD and 3D printed it. It's not perfect but it is unique and will be your bragging rights for the year.

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That trophy is pretty cool! Now I am in the mood for tacos (the authentic kind, on soft corn tortillas, served with radish and from a Mexican restaurant or food truck)!

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On 7/9/2021 at 10:40 AM, Duke Silver said:

that doesn't seem like a lot until you do the math lol I used a taco bar calculator and that 10.7472 lbs of meat/cheese/lettuce for 38 tacos (not including the shells) 🤯

and then factor in that it is tacobell nasty slimy fixin's.

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