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High tech and nitrates

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Recently got my planted main tank back onto a more normalized fert schedule, got my CO2 refilled, and dialing it all back in after about a year of severe depression made me neglect the tank pretty badly. Sorry to my plants and fish (luckily no losses), but I'm back! Anyways, on Friday, I did a fairly large water change ~60% (meant to do 50, but got sidetracked while draining, whoops) to bring my nitrates down from ~80ppm, and then dosed dry ferts (potassium sulfate, monopotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, edta micro mix) to add approx 24ppm potassium, 2ppm phosphate, 6ppm magnesium, and 2ppm iron (also contains other micros, but majority iron) in a modified EI dose. I've never intentionally dosed nitrates since fish waste has always provided more than enough in the past... however, when checking my water today, I was down to ~20ppm nitrate. If I keep my current bio load (11 neon tetras, 5 rummynose, 6 cory cats, about 12 juvenile guppies) and 2x daily feeding schedule, am I going to have to start dosing nitrates as well? Do those of you who have high tech tanks find you bottom out nitrates unless you dose?

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