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what do you do with old fish food?


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So I have a fair amount of old fish food.  When I first started in January I bought what the guy at the store gave me for my guppies, which turned out to be XL pellets, which didn't work because they were too big.  Then I "accidentally" got the 7oz can of tetra flake on line because it was only a dollar more than the 1oz can.  I didn't know 7oz was MASSIVE for 3 guppies at the time.


Today my tub fry get crushed tetra flake because i have a ton.  My 6 quarantine white clouds + cull shrimp get tetra flake.  And my main tank, cardinals + 3 guppies + a billion shrimp and 4-6 otos get hikari micro pellets and hikari mini wafers + misc (veggies, repashy, custom mix, bacter ae).


So now I have 6mo pellets, flakes, and even the 0.77oz bag of pellets is going to get old before I run out. 


Clearly the long term solution is to get 10 more tanks, but for now are there creative uses for old food?  I know some people think it lasts forever, I'm not sure one way or the other but the cheap side of me wants to use it some how and the organized side of me wants to get rid of the old stuff to make room for new foods to try that the experimental & "lets buy all the things" side of me wants to get.


... maybe I just need a good psychologist so all the voices can get along.😜


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