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Need help to identify these lights.


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I recently got this 240L (I think that's 65G) tank second hand and I knew with my first large tank I wanted to keep an Oscar. (His name is Moby, lol) however I've noticed after a few days now that he's not a fan of the lights and to add to that I'm not a fan, makes the tank looked washed out and pale. I also feel it's the purple light that is the main culprit of the Oscar being unhappy as it comes on a a few moments after the the normal coloured bulb and that's when he shys away at the bottom of the tank or under the filter.

I'm wondering are they for salt water/coral? 

I'll replace if I have to and if anyone can offer any suggestions id be grateful.

ps, I'm new here so I hope if posted this in the correct manor and place


Thank you in advance


Peter from Ireland 👋



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