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Visiting an Old Fish Store

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We drove through a town after delivering some fish yesterday. There’s an old fish store there, designed the way I like... kind of an old dark funhouse with stacks of tanks. Not wanting to irritate the staff, I snapped these shots really quickly...





Lots of stock. I didn’t take particular tank photos.... trying to be a “low-bother” customer. Interesting to see large, wild-caught discus for sale. Their Agasissii pair looked sketchy. They had large cichlids too. There was one that looked sort of like an electric blue Jack Dempsey, but was something else. They’ve carried Starry Night Cichlids before (paratilapia pollenii). They had some rare pair of Pelvicachromis (not typical kribs). Red-Koi Angels were excellent quality. Of course, tons and tons of lives, tetras, corydoras, etc.

We bought plants and food! 

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I like this old school design too, it really makes the fish pop in my opinion it's like visiting a public aquarium. Had one of these down the street from me, just prior to the virus outbreak it had shut down for "remodelling" but has not opened since. I suspect they are gone forever which is a shame, it was one of 3 in my area and in my estimation the best one. 

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