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Daphnia for Betta


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I just started raising a small daphnia culture. Assuming I can propagate it successfully,  how much can I feed my betta and how often? Can I offer several large ones on a daily basis or should I skip days? Are there signs to look for to know I need to cut back? He will also be getting betta balls.

My betta will only eat hakari betta balls and live foods. He refuses frozen blood worms, freeze dried treats, betta flakes and all other brands of betta balls. He's also a terrible fin chewer (as evident in this photo). Hunting for live foods gives him some distraction from fin chewing. He liked mosquito larvae this summer and it seems like daphnia makes a good live food to try to culture for him. I only have him and some endler's so I'm about to have a lot of daphnia and not a lot of fish to feed them to. 


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