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Hello fellow Nerms!

So here is a short, about me: My name's Nathanael, I've been a glassblower for sometime now and like many was affected by the past years events leading me to new hobbies with all my downtime. I had an interest in water features (home fountains etc) related to my work in glassblowing, which led me down the YouTube rabbit hole till I came across a YouTuber called Asu. This gentleman made amazing diorama style paludarium tanks, well being artsy already, I was hooked. This kicked off months of research, any fish/aquarium info I could find I was digging into, culminating in me building my first tank from glass up. Shortly there after helping setup a tank for my roommate and again shortly after that decided to build another larger tank. That brings me up to my current journey in fishkeeping. Here is some images of the 40 gallon paludarium again built from glass up.IMG_20210320_201059317.jpg.225c955656200e91caee2760c5dd86ba.jpgIMG_20210422_191741646.jpg.af89a3fcc541c6989c4972a50b98ba59.jpgIMG_20210504_162815207.jpg.db6d5cac04f9c0784ca1c50affdf7abb.jpgIMG_20210513_105214892.jpg.f7016bf89bfd6b38c66c65bd309e04b4.jpg

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Glass blowing is such an interesting hobby/profession!  

You should check out the custom glass Murphy (@Cory's mbu puffer and Co-Op mascot) that Jimmy had made for him.

(at around 0:01:50 of a recent livestream if the time code didn't embed)


I can't wait to see more photos/future builds.  Well done. 

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