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CO2 Tank Problem

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I was hoping someone may have had a similar problem and hopefully came to a resolution that did not involve buying a new CO2 tank.  Recently I purchased a CO2 kit that came with a refillable tank.  Now that the tank has run dry I am having a problem finding a place that can refill it.  The thread on the tank is CGA320 and I can only assume the painball places use 5/8-18 standard.  The problem is when i search for an adapter so they can refill my tank all I can find is the inverse of what I need since most people need to convert their 5/8-18 standard painball tank to a CGA320 solenoid valve. What I need is a female CGA320 to male 5/8-18 adapter.  Anyone have experience with this or can point me to the right product?

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First, are you sure that once you find an adapter that the paintball place will even touch your tank? A lot of gas-fillers don’t like dealing with adapters and non-standard fitting applications (piecing together different fittings to make it work). Why, because usually gas-fillers are dealing with welders and welding is an extremely dangerous process and you don’t want an acetylene leak while you’re cutting metal with fire! Even though Co2 is non flammable, it’s still under an immense amount of pressure and sloppy fittings can still be dangerous, especially running/rolling around the woods with a paintball gun. It’s 100% a liability and they can’t warrant your pieced together regulator. That’s why most don’t touch adapters and diy fittings.

 Having said that, honestly, since your regulator has CGA320 fittings, I’d find a reputable welding shop (I use Airgas) and get a 5lb cylinder. In my area, that’s going to run about $100 for a full cylinder. However, when it runs dry (I’m going 10 months, 2bps, and my tank hasn’t even dropped in pressure), you exchange for a full cylinder. That runs about $20. Meaning, if you had a proper Co2 cylinder, for the cost of what an adapter (if it even exists) plus shipping would cost, you could have a new 5lb cylinder at the cost of driving to the store. MOST areas have at least one welding supply store. If there are Amish in your area, try getting ahold of them if you can for a refill on your current tank. Amish do a lot of welding. And considering your current tank does in fact have a standard CGA320 fitting, they may already have the means to refill it.

Also, if you have any type of micro-brewery or beverage supply shop, they may also be able to help you with refilling a non-standard Co2 tank.  Another option would be to use paintball tanks with the appropriate CGA320 fitting that you keep finding. 

In the long run though, a proper cylinder will be the cheapest option. $20 for a 5lb exchange or $20 for a 20oz disposable tank. 

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