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So hi my name is logan I’m 16 and I live in Queens, New York and I have one 55 gallon tank now but after the summer I’m upgrading to a 90 gallon tank and I wanted some feedback on my stocking ideas 

Blue pinoy angelfish 

Pearlscale Red koi angelfish 

German rams 


Cory cats 

Black neons 

Cherry barbs  

Bristle nose pleco

Khuli loach 

Rummy nose tetra

Emperor tetra

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Sweet! What dimensions is your 90 gallon going to be? You may have an issue mixing rams and apistos. Depending on the species, some apistogramma don't do well in the same temperature as rams. Rams generally like to be kept warmer. I run mine at 82-83° F. On top of that, rams may be a bit more aggressive. Make sure there is plenty of area for both species to claim and have plenty of breaks in their line of sight. What do yall think?

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40 minutes ago, Lolo8234 said:

Thank you so much I was thinking a rock grotto with dense plants mixed and does  anyone know  any apistograma species that would get along with Rams and my tank is gong to be 48x24x18

Maybe you could try apistogramma cacatuoides? They are generally hardier compared to other species. Those dimensions are a good space for them. 

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7 minutes ago, Lolo8234 said:

This is going to sound stupid but do you think I could add wild bettas like Imbellis I’m with my angels 

No, it's a valid question not stupid lol. I wouldnt do it. Most wild bettas are best in species only tank. Though more common, betta imbellis typically arent as peaceful as the internet says and may nip fins. They also wont do well in a tank that large competing with other fish. They show off nicely in a planted 10 gallon with tannins, though. 

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24 minutes ago, Lolo8234 said:

Oh ok thank you I had a 10 gallon and I was going to look for some annual killifish but I can’t find any cool ones so I will prolly do that if I put the wild bettas in the 10 gallon how many can I put in one male or a pair 

Just a pair would be fine. You can add some floating plants to the top to give it some shade, too. I've found they color up best with lower light, so adding leaves and wood that release tannins along with the shade of floating plants make them look really nice. They're a fun little tank to have. You may even get fry out of them

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There are some great fish on that list! But, I'm concerned about possible agression. 


With angels, rams, Apistogramas, etc. There maybe issues with agression if they start pairing off or if the barbs/tetras get nippy. I haven't kept rams or Apistogramas yet due to my massively hard water, so maybe others can chime in here about that. 


You could split your list up into several tanks and they would be amazing.

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